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Founded in 1971, Irish owned Medical Supply Company has grown from a small distributor, to boasting products from over 350 manufacturers around the globe, making us your complete laboratory solution.

  • Hitachi CR-GIII High Speed Refrigerated Centrifuge

      picThe Hitachi-Koki CR-GIII series is the gold standard that all high-speed refrigerated centrifuges are aiming for. In addition to a top speed of 22,000rpm, it features advanced functions such as himac original technology "PWM motor control", making acceleration and deceleration 3 times faster than older generation centrifuges. It also features a self-locking rotor system, ensuring that the rotor will automatically lock when placed on the drive shaft. The unique himac regenerative braking system regenerates up to 40% electricity used for acceleration and running. Coupled with the PWM motor control, this "green" feature ensures very low power consumption for a better environment.

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