New rotary Microtomes Series 2

Galileo New Rotary Microtomes Series 2 - Medical Supply Company


The new generation Galileo Rotary microtomes series 2

The new rotary microtomes series 2 is designed to meet requirements of precision, reliability and safety assuring the best performances in histological samples cutting.  With its innovative, motorized mechanical system, it to be used in both automatic and semi-automatic
mode. Histological samples are cut (in 0.5 μm
increments) with the maximum precision and accuracy, ensuring high standards of user safety during the cutting phase.


Galileo AUTO Series 2 in automatic mode can easily be adapted to the needs of the operator
using 3 different controls:
 – Remote control
– Local board
– Dynamic control pedal

Galileo Series 2 can also be used in semi-automatic mode by ultra-smooth-running handwheel.


Galileo SEMI Series 2 is a semi-automatic microtome designed to meet the requirements of operators who usually work with manual microtomes.

Galileo SEMI Series 2 offers a safe and comfortable manual cutting experience with reliable results.


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