World’s Fastest Autoclave

Microjet Autoclave | Medical Supply Company

World’s fastest autoclave

MSC were delighted to welcome Arkadiusz Dorna, product manager from Enbio for training on the Microjet autoclave.

The Microjet autoclave direct energy transfer technology makes media preparation the fastest on the market, sterilization is complete in just 12 minutes.
Microwaves are used as the energy source, so that heating of the medium is immediate and uniform.

In comparison with conventional steam autoclaves, the sterilization process time is reduced 5 – fold, and exposure to high temperature is very short (60-90 seconds).
Therefore decomposition of microbial nutrient is limited to a minimum.

Operation of the Microjet  is intuitive, it does not require additional training.  All you need is a standard electrical socket.  Plug it in and start to work. As simple as that

All functions are operated using a touch screen , which also displays the sterilization process.  The course of each sterilization is automatically saved on a memory card. The data can be copied to any computer and opened by dedicated software.

For more information check out the autoclave here