HistoCyte Control Material

HistoCyte Control Material

Are you getting correlating results for IHC and ISH with your current cell line control slides? The Cell Marque™ HistoCyte cell line is now available from Medical Supply Company. The HistoCyte cell line reference products that accomplish just that. With new patented technology, HistoCyte Dynamic Range and Analyte Controls offer the ability to use the same tissue block for your IHC and ISH staining needs. The versatility in these controls provides a cost-effective solution for consistent results.

HER2 Analyte ControlDR IHC

HER2 Analyte ControlDR FISH


HistoCyte Control Material Collection

Dynamic ControlsDR

· Breast Analyte ControlDR
· Estrogen Receptor Analyte ControlDR
· HER2 Analyte ControlDR
· HPV/p16 Analyte ControlDR
· PD-L1 Analyte ControlDR
· Progesterone Receptor Analyte ControlDR

Standard Controls

· ALK-Lung (EML4-ALK) Analyte Control
· ALK-Lymphoma (NPM-ALK) Analyte Control
· Breast Analyte Control (ER, PR and HER2)
· HPV/p16 Analyte Control
· ROS1 Analyte Control

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