Himac European Dealer Meeting

Himac European Dealer Meeting | Medical Supply Company

Himac European Dealer Meeting

MSC recently attended the Himac (formerly Hitachi Himac) European Dealer meeting in Livingston, Scotland. As well as updates on the existing ultracentrifuges (CP100NX), micro-ultracentrifuges (CS150NX, CS150NX), and high-speed centrifuges (CR22N, CR7) the new high-speed CR30NX was launched.

The CR30NX bridges the gap between traditional high-speed centrifuges and ultracentrifuges. It offers max 30,000rpm and 118,000 x g, and a 6L max capacity (6 x 1L). This opens various opportunities for research in viruses, exosomes, cancer research, nano-particles and tissue engineering.

For more information on the CR30NX click here

Himac CR30NX High-speed Refrigerated Centrifuge

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