What role can technology play in supporting the Pharmacist?

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What role can technology play in supporting the Pharmacist?

Within every pharmacy exists the need to demonstrate safe medicine management, and so proper processes need to be in place for the storage and access-control of temperature-sensitive medicines and restricted medicines respectively.

To quantify this, we are talking about basic fridges and freezers and door locks, except the content cost and risk to patients is far higher and the need to monitor these fridges and freezers for temperature stability and access control is far more important. Perhaps more important than you think!

Medicine optimisation and medicine management best practices are a priority for the pharmacist. After all, providing medicines in optimal condition ensures patients receive the maximum benefit from their medication. Manual recording, a tedious job, which can be automated with continous monitoring from our Tutela Systems.This monitoring technology can remotely monitor every pharmacy fridge or freezer door, temperature, ambient and humidity. In every room, ward, department, hospital or remote clinic all under one account. Protected, secure with full reporting and action audit trail.

Tutela is the world’s largest independent healthcare and life science temperature monitoring and data insights platform for critical process control of temperature sensitive biological inventory and products.

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