FecalSwab™ first Cary-Blair collection gets certification

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We are delighted to be able to say that we partner with Copan who have announced that their FecalSwab  is the first Cary-Blair collection and preservation device supplied with a certifcation that no detectable levels of nucleic acids of most common gastro-intestinal pathogens are found in the medium.

FecalSwab™ Cary-Blair Collection and Transport System

Convenient fecal swab and rectal swab collection system converts solid or semi-solid specimens into liquid form for enteric diagnostics.  FecalSwab is a convenient system for transporting fecal samples in small instrument-ready tubes saving space and making it easier to transport to the laboratory.  The fecal swab simplifies and standardizes stool sample collection, transport and processing by converting solid or semi-solid specimens into liquid phase, in instrument ready tubes, to facilitate automated fecal sample processing. After conducting the primary culture of FecalSwab, the Flocked Swab and cap assembly can be transferred to COPAN Selenite Broth tubes for selective enrichment of Salmonella.  The remaining sample can also be used for a molecular enteric diagnostics. Benefits of FecalSwab Get Better Results with Less Fecal Sample Use as Rectal Swab or for Stool Sample Collection Smaller than Traditional Containers for Easy Transport Liquid Based System Optimal for Automation

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