Diapath Donatello Series 2 Automatic Tissue Processor is Silver Winner of A’ Design Award and Competition 2019

Diapath Donatello Series 2 Wins design award | Medical Supply Company

Diapath Donatello Series 2 Automatic Tissue Processor is Silver Winner of A’ Design Award and Competition in Scientific Instruments, Medical Devices and Research Equipment Design Category, 2018 – 2019.

Donatello Series 2 is the latest generation automated tissue processor for histological specimens.

Designed to enhance lab routine and guarantee reliability, safety and best quality results for the user.

Donatello Series 2 introduces E.V.A.

E.V.A. Emergency eVoluted Alghorithm is the first Virtual Intelligence Algorithm ever implemented on a tissue processor in the world.

Donatello Series 2 optimizes productivity during histological processing, integrating features like:

  • Ability to process up to 405 specimens for run
  • Integrated fast processing


  • Innovative mix procedure used during reagent stand still into SPC
  • Assure the same gradient of concentration of the reagent in each point of the SPC


SelfCheckAutomatic, preventive and diagnostic check on instrument hardware before starting processing.

  • Check on mechanical parts
  • Warning in case of instrument failure that allows a preventive intervention to protect the specimens safety


  • Integrated tracking of all operations and processing data (protocols, users), tanks (replacement, batches), tissue processor (warnings and alarms)
  • Using an external reader, store all information present on processed cassettes equipped with 2D barcode. Complete specimen tracking during their loading and unloading from the instrument.

Green friendly

  • Tissue processing with solvents substitutes
  • Dedicated filter to protect the operator from formalin and xylene vapours exposure
  1. 15” LCD Touch screen PC monitor
  2. 3 reservoirs for granulated paraffin
  3. Lock/Unlock SPC chamber by software, equipped with suction fumes system
  4. Fast connectors for reagent Fill and Drain system
  5. Stainless steel processing chamber, loading capacity up to 405 standard cassettes
  6. USB port for software upgrade and protocols, reagent history and diagnostic paraffin
  7. PWD – Protected Wax Dumping, to safely unload exhausted paraffin
  8. Dark-tinted glass door for closing and protection of reagent compartment
  9. Reagent tanks
  10. Transport wheels
  11. Active LED system

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