EU Accelerates CE-IVD Marking to the Accelerate Phenotest™ BC kit

EU CE-IVD marking for the PhenoTest™ BC kit

The EU has recently accelerated the Accelerate Phenotest™ BC kit with the CE-IVD marking, this now means a faster diagnosis of bloodstream infections across Europe. The Accelerate Phenotest™ BC kit gives antibiotic susceptibility test (AST) results from positive blood samples in 7 hours.

Using the Accelerate Pheno™ system and PhenoTest™ BC kit, laboratories can substantially reduce the processing time by testing directly from positive blood culture samples, which enables clinicians to provide patients optimal therapy about 1-2 days faster than conventional methods.

The BC kit is capable of simultaneous detection and identification of multiple microbial targets followed by susceptibility testing of appropriate detected bacterial organisms using morphokinetic cellular analysis (MCA) of individual microbial cells and colonies under the challenge of antibiotics. Results are intended to be interpreted in conjunction with Gram stain results.

The PhenoTest™ BC kit now with a new CE-marked panel contains new updates to clinical interpretive breakpoints bringing 144 organism and antimicrobial combinations current to 2019 EUCAST

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