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IRIS Salmonella – A Negative Screening Within 37 Hours

IRIS Salmonella, iris salmonella ® agar | Medical Supply Company

IRIS Salmonella® is an alternative research method of Salmonellae in human food and feeds, and environmental sample (except primary production samples). Studies performed on IRIS Salmonella® Agar show a high specificity for the detection of Salmonellae, including atypical species and serovars, which is a source of confusion for other media. This medium is easy to use; it has an […]

Best Practices for Sample Collection of Novel Coronavirus (Covid-19)

Best Practices for Sample Collection of Novel Coronavirus (Covid-19) | Medical Supply Company

With the current spread of coronavirus (2019-nCoV) laboratories and healthcare providers can expect a busy season ahead. Accurate detection is dependent on the quality of the sampling method, storage, and transportation to the testing site. A successful diagnostic test begins at sample collection because improper sampling can result in an inadequate specimen, rendering a diagnostic […]

The impact of red blood cell lifespan on HbA1c measurement

HbA1C measurement, red bloodcells and HbA1C measurement | Medical Supply Company

An article written by Thomas P. Lohmann, who is the Director of Medical and Scientific Affairs for Sebia-USA. This article will discuss the role of red blood cell (RBC) lifespan on HbA1c results, clinical interference on HbA1c results, and cases where HbA1c should not be reported for clinical reasons. It will also provide a perspective […]

IACR 56th Annual Conference – 26-28th February 2020

IACR, IACR Conference, Cancer Research | Medical Supply Company

Medical Supply Company Ltd’s Life Science team representatives will be attending the IACR 56th annual conference from the 26th-28th of February 2020. This year IACR conference will be hosted at the Galway Bay Hudson hotel and will host parallel sessions in Social, Nursing and Allied Health Research. IACR brings researchers in the biomedical community together […]

Measure Direct Physiological Glucose Uptake with our DIRECT glucose uptake assay

DIRECT glucose assay, glucose uptake assay | Medical Supply Company

Cells uptake glucose based on their metabolic needs. If they are entering a more active state, they will have a higher energy requirement and therefore more glucose will be taken up from the extracellular environment. Measurement of glucose uptake is crucial in a range of research areas including cancer, diabetes and immunology. Traditional methods for […]