IRIS Salmonella – A Negative Screening Within 37 Hours

IRIS Salmonella, iris salmonella ® agar | Medical Supply Company

IRIS Salmonella® is an alternative research method of Salmonellae in human food and feeds, and environmental sample (except primary production samples). Studies performed on IRIS Salmonella® Agar show a high specificity for the detection of Salmonellae, including atypical species and serovars, which is a source of confusion for other media.

This medium is easy to use; it has an excellent contrast between agar and pink-magenta Salmonella colonies and the secondary flora, which appears in blue to dark blue.  Analysis may be declared negative after 37 hours of enrichment (Salmonella Enrichment) and differentiation (IRIS Salmonella® Agar) steps.

IRIS Salmonella® is NF VALIDATION certified, according to the validation protocol NF EN ISO 16140-2 of 2016 for all human food and animal food products, as well as samples of the industrial production environment. The reference method used for validation is the NF EN ISO 6579-1 standard of 2017. This method is also validated for the detection of Salmonellae in samples from 50 g to 375 g for milk powder, including infant milk with and without probiotics and from 50 g to 125 g for flours and croquettes in animal feedstuffs.

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