NEW – The Polywel Automated Tube/Bottle Filler

Polywel Robotic Module | Medical Supply Company

Is your lab dispensing large volumes of liquid media into tubes?

Do you need to automate the workload, increase speed and accuracy?

Do you want your staff to use their time more efficiently?

The Polywel allows versatility, accuracy and speed with these everyday tasks.

The Polywel Robotic Module is designed to automate the filling of liquid media into tubes, flasks or bottles when used in conjunction with the Dosywel peristaltic Pump.

  • 1000 tubes per hour
  • Up to 1008 tubes per run
  • 8 racks of 120 tubes or 4 racks of 252 tubes
  • Up to 20 programs
  • Tube dimensions 1.6 mm / 3.2 mm / 6.4 mm
  • Autoclavable racks
  • Taylor made racks on request
  • Adjustable speed
  • Calibration at start and during cycle
  • Dimensions 1130 x 600 x 610 mm

Polywel can be used alone or with Mediawel 30L/10L to dispense liquid media into plates, tubes, or bottles.

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