Melanoma Awareness Month

Melanoma Awareness month | Medical Supply Company

Melanoma awareness month takes place amid the COVID-19 pandemic, however, we still need to increase public awareness about melanoma. Even during uncertain times, the need to continue science and early detection is ever-present. With the return of warmer weather on the horizon and so many people out in their gardens taking advantage of the abundance of sunshine and clear days it is so important that we are aware of the dangers of melanoma. It is more important than ever to keep safe practices in the sun, the number one cause of skin cancers like Melanoma. Sun safety is paramount and early detection is key.

What causes Melanoma?

Melanoma is caused by skin cells that begin to develop abnormally.

Factors include:

Sun exposure (mainly recreational)
• Sunbed/sunlamp use
• History of sunburn
• Presence of benign sun damage in the skin
• Number of naevi
• Density of freckles or freckling as a child
• Skin, hair and eye colour
• Ability to tan
• Family history of melanoma
• High socio-economic status

Who’s affected

In Ireland there are approximately 1,100 people diagnosed with melanoma skin cancer each year. More than 1 in 4 skin cancer cases are diagnosed in people under 50, which is unusually early compared with most other types of cancer.

Sensitive and specific markers for dermatopathology staining

Top Melanoma Markers

SOX-10 (EP268)
HMB-45 (HMB-45)

MiTF (C5/D5)
MART-1 (Melan A) (A103)

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