Haier Air Purifier

Haier Air Purifier

The Haier air purifier removes biological contaminants and environmental pollutants from the air in the rooms it is used in. It is the perfect addition to any home, workplace, or a communal area.  It combines a series of filters and disinfection components that capture microparticles, and can also remove environmental pollutants, resulting in a clean environment you can rest, work and play easy in, in just 1 hour! 

Key Features

  • Captures and kills airborne contaminants such as viruses, bacteria, and moulds/fungi
  • Captures airborne pollutants such as animal hair, dust, pollen, and environmental fumes/pollutants
  • User friendly with a sleek design
  • Automatically monitors and displays air quality
  • Filter/UV light replacement reminder
  • Timed shutdown function
  • Intelligent air speed control as well as manual control
  • Quiet with an additional automatic “quiet mode” to further reduce the noise at night so you can sleep easy
  • Fault warning function
  • CE marked

What is the Haier Air Purifier Effective Against?

How does the Haier Air Purifier work?

  • UV and Titanium Dioxide – The Titanium dioxide is activated under bactericidal UV producing highly oxidizing free hydroxyl groups and active oxygen which will oxidise bacteria, germs and mould and decompose them.
  • Plasma Purification – When ionized by a high positive and negative voltage, the air can produce a number of positive and negative ions which then neutralize with each other releasing a burst of energy and killing the surrounding bacteria in an instant.
  • Nano-silver and Filtration Layer- Nano-silver ions have strong bactericidal and anti-bacterial properties and can kill bacteria on the surface in a few minutes.
  • HEPA Filter – composed of a front filter, pre-filter and high-efficiency HEPA filter screen, can achieve a PM2.5 removal rate of >99.9% after operating for 1 hour.

The Haier Air Purifier can be used to remove circulating contaminants in a wide variety of places including your home, place of work, or any communal gathering space, including your home, place of work, or any communal gathering space.

Other examples of recommended places:

  • Healthcare settings: hospitals, dentists, GPs etc.
  • Hospitality settings: hotels, restaurants, bars etc.
  • Sports clubs: GAA, soccer, swimming etc.
  • Recreational settings: gyms, cinemas etc
  • Retail: shopping centres, supermarkets etc.
  • Education: schools, universities, exam centres etc.
  • Other: banks, hairdressers/barbers, airports, care homes, offices, veterinary clinics, student apartment complexes etc.

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