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The Vilber Fusion FX7 is a super sensitive chemiluminescence and fluorescence detection instrument for western blots and other applications like multi-plex arrays and even small animals. The Fusion FX7 can also image DNA, RNA and protein gels with SYBR-Safe dyes, ethidium bromide or coloured dyes like Coomassie.  

Fusion FX7

The Fusion FX7 is a really sensitive instrument, this reduces the time needed to acquire the image. The sensitivity comes from the patented lens aperture (f/0.7), this is the widest lens aperture on the market and means the camera can take in more light than other imagers and detect weaker bands in a shorter time. The Fusion FX7 has a proprietary scientific camera with a 10MP resolution, this gives fully quantitative information and publication-quality images. Cooling the camera is another really important thing for measuring chemiluminescent and fluorescent images. The cooler the camera the lower the background levels and therefore the higher the sensitivity. The Vilber Fusion FX7’s camera is cooled to 90°C below ambient, much colder than the competitors. 

The Fusion FX7 comes with an image analysis software package. This program can perform band quantification, molecular weight calculations, distance calculations and colony counting. The Fusion FX7 has a 3D dynamic stand mode which allows the user to quickly and easily visualise band quantity: 

Fusion FX7

A major problem with western blot imaging is that the marker often cannot be transferred to the film. This means the user had to manually add the marker to the film. The Fusion FX7 solves this problem, the coloured molecular weight marker can be imaged at the same time as the blot and the images overlaid by the software:  

Fusion FX7

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