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Safe, simple, stable controls for blood culture identification

Bloodstream infections (BSIs) occur as a result of bacteria entering the bloodstream via an infected organ, a wound or an implanted medical device.

Routine BSIs can develop into life-threatening conditions such as sepsis if the causative pathogen is not identified and effectively treated in a timely manner. Currently, sepsis/septic shock and associated BSI’s are among the most prevalent causes of morbidity and mortality in many European countries with an estimated 157,000 deaths annually in Europe [1]. Anyone with a BSI can progress to sepsis conditions; however, hospitalized patients, the immunocompromised, pregnant women, and the elderly are at a higher risk.

BSI’s represent 40% of cases of community-acquired and hospital-acquired sepsis and septic shock and approximately 20% of ICU-acquired cases. It is invariably associated with poor outcomes especially when adequate antimicrobial therapy is delayed[2].

A fundamental way of preventing the progression of a BSI to sepsis is to ensure patients receive optimal therapy as quickly as possible. The accuracy and speed at which diagnostic tests can be performed is therefore critical for improving patient outcomes.

Our partners Microbiologics offer a wide variety of reliable, easy-to-use controls for blood culture identification (BCID) in clinical laboratories. Their range of microbial controls deliver all your laboratory needs for validation, verification, proficiency testing, and quality control including: Prepared microorganisms for culture methods as well as inactivated cultures and synthetic nucleic acids for molecular diagnostic assays.

Benefits of Microbiologics’ Controls:

  • Compatible with a variety of instruments, kits, and applications.
  • Independent external controls provide accurate, reliable results.
  • Convenient test-ready formats save you time and money.
  • Easy and economical storage, no freezing required.
  • Certificate of Analysis provides detailed strain information.
  • Technical Support experts available for guidance.

For additional information on blood culture identification control panels or any of Microbiologics’ quality control strains, contact MSC below and get in touch with our product specialist.

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