MSC Install 4 Farrar Scientific ULCi-WR Ultra Low Temperature Chambers

We are super excited about our biggest installation to date. Our refrigeration team have recently installed, commissioned and tested 4 x Farrar Scientific, Corporation ULCi-WR wide-range ultra-low temperature chambers. Our client, a global CDMO, required flexible ultra-low storage for various upcoming projects included Covid-19 vaccine components.
The ULCi-WR is an excellent solution for bulk ultra-low temperature storage:
– storage volume of 5,380L
– operating temperature between -20˚C and -80˚C
– forced air circulation for exceptional temperature uniformity (+/-3.0˚C @ -80˚C)
– fully redundant control and refrigeration systems
– single-phase power

The forced-air circulation and the dual fully redundant refrigeration systems offer excellent temperature uniformity throughout the chamber and product protection. In addition the pull-down of the ULCi range is excellent, with both refrigeration units working in tandem to reach the set point in less time than traditional ULT freezers.

We can deliver on site to UK and Ireland within 4 months. Final assembly of each unit requires less than 1 day on site.

We can also supply a super-sized “pallet” format with 8,920L storage volume suitable for up to 4 euro pallets.

  • Fork truck accessible
  • Up to 4 euro pallets
  • Operating temperature between -20˚C and -70˚C
  • Forced air circulation
  • Fully redundant control and refrigeration systems
  • single-phase power

If you need -80˚C bulk storage quick get in touch. 

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