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Anyone who has ever carried a bucket of water or emptied clothes from a washing machine will tell you that water has significant weight.

Accurate measurement of product moisture content is critical for a wide variety of industries including pharma, food, agriculture, and construction. Moisture content is an important quality control criterion in many industries. Products with high moisture content may have a shorter shelf life and excessive water content can reduce the value of some products. Therefore, laws and regulations often set out the correct moisture content which manufacturers must adhere to.

The traditional method of determining moisture content was to weigh the product under investigation, place it in a drying oven at a pre-determined temperature for a specific time and then weigh it again after drying. While this is the gold standard it can be very time-consuming (up to 6 hours). Many people are now moving to using moisture analysers, where they can show that results are equivalent but in a much shorter time.

Precisa are a leading Swiss manufacturer of thermogravimetric analytical measuring equipment. The moisture content analysers are compact and robust, and their fully automatic analysis and automatic record generation significantly increase productivity, leading to savings in time and money. Precisa offers a range of different models from the entry-level XM50, which has a 52g capacity and readability of 1mg, to the full spec EM-120HR, which has a capacity of 124g and a readability of 0.1mg. These robust, compact, and highly accurate instruments have a choice of heating elements and temperatures up to 230°C.

ModelCapacityReadabilityTemperature RangeDimensions (mm)
XM5052g0.001g30-170°C220 x 330 x 170
XM60124g0.001g30-230°C220 x 330 x 170
XM60-HR124g0.0001g30-230°C220 x 330 x 170
XM66310g0.001g30-230°C220 x 330 x 170
EM-120HR124g0.0001g50-230°C240 x 380 x 177

Table: All available models of Precisa Moisture Content Analysers

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