Anaerobic Workstations for Food Microbiology Labs

Anaerobic Workstations for Food Microbiology Labs | Medical Supply Company

Does your lab test for anaerobic bacteria?

  • Campylobacter
  • Clostridia
  • Bifidobacteria (probiotics)

e.g. ISO 29981. Milk Products – Enumeration of presumptive bifidobacteria —Colony count technique at 37°C under anaerobic conditions.

This method is applicable to milk products such as fermented and non-fermented milks, milk powders, infant formulae, and starter cultures where these microorganisms are present and viable, and in combination with other lactic acid bacteria.

The downside to anaerobic jars

Traditionally, anaerobic bacteria have been cultured using anaerobic jars – a low-cost solution which can be re-used for years. While this system appears to be cost-effective, the ongoing cost of consumables, the risk of false negatives and inaccurate counts due to seal issues can impact the lab negatively over time. Jars also require a large volume of incubator space which can become an issue in labs with a high anaerobic workload.

Fig. 1. Traditional anaerobic jars

Why switch to an anaerobic workstation?

Baker Ruskinn anaerobic workstations allow optimised testing of anaerobic strains by ensuring a stable atmosphere for the entire testing process, from plating through to incubation and reading. This cuts down on incubator space requirements and agar plates can be inspected at any time without disturbing the internal conditions. The interlock system allows simple and fast transfer of 90mm plates into the anaerobic chamber.

Features & Benefits of Anaerobic Workstations

Provides a stable atmosphere:

  • Adjustable temp & humidity settings
  • Read plates without exposure to oxygen
  • Can be configured for microaerophilic bacteria
  • No risk of jar seal integrity issues / unsuccessful oxygen removal

Saves time & space

  • Bugbox can fit into even the smallest laboratory
  • All work & incubations done inside chamber
  • No need to transfer plates between BSC & incubator
  • Save incubator space for other tests
  • No need to wash / sterilise jars
  • Fast interlock purge cycle times
  • Single Plate Entry System (SPES™) option

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