Why automate your molecular assay sample prep with UniVerse™?.


In September 2020, Copan Diagnostics launched UniVerse™.  UniVerse™ is a high-throughput automation system that automatically aliquots samples received in the laboratory prior to molecular testing. Adopting an automated sample processing system eliminates a number of time-consuming steps that lab technicians have to carry out prior to loading a sample onto their molecular platform; tube decapping and recapping, vortexing, swab handling, barcode identification, and liquid transfer to secondary tubes or assay plates.

UniVerse™ is an innovative system that manages a variety of assay preparations including: respiratory, gastrointestinal, hospital-acquired infections, SARS-CoV-2, HPV and STI screening. The system utilises three independent robotic arms for de-capping and re-capping and pipetting and aliquoting from primary tube to secondary tube or deep well plates. The instrument can operate in four different modes:

  •  Tube to tube
  •  Tube to plate
  • Pooling samples from different tubes to one secondary tube
  • Pooling samples from different tubes to one plate well

Copan’s UniVerse™ is revolutionising sample preparation in molecular diagnostic laboratories. The system increases laboratory throughput to 130x tubes/hour or 220x 96 well plate samples/hour while decreasing operational costs and freeing up laboratory staff to handle higher-level tasks. UniVerse™ is fully interfaced with laboratory LIS to drive a variety of sample prep protocols, accessioning, labelling of outputs and traceability of all actions is guaranteed thanks to its barcode scanning system.

Furthermore, Copan has designed the UniVerse™ with complete safety in mind. All operations are performed in the presence of vertical laminar flow and a dual HEPA filter to ensure incoming and outcoming air is circulated and purified. The system’s pipettor is also equipped with anti-droplet control to avoid the spread of droplets and aerosol, reducing the risk of cross-contamination of samples.

Key Benefits – Unlock your labs full potential.

  • Increases laboratory throughput.
  • Complete traceability of samples.
  • Increased productivity while decreasing operational costs.
  • Enables valuable human resources to be re-deployed to higher level tasks.
  • Reduces manual handling by 90% – avoiding risk of cross-contamination and human error.
  • Supports pooled testing.
  • Maximum safety with laminar BLS2 flow hood.
  • Compatible with every downstream molecular biology platform.

If you would like further information on Copan’s UniVerse™  please find the brochure here or get in touch with our product specialist below to discuss how automated sample preparation can help significantly improve your laboratory’s workflow and reduce time to results.

Check out the video below to see the system in operation.

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