SMARTer® Stranded Total RNA-Seq Kit – Pico Input Mammalian

The SMARTer Stranded Total RNA-Seq Kit – Pico Input Mammalian is used to generate strand-specific RNA-seq libraries for Illumina sequencing using purified total RNA input ranging from 250 pg–10 ng. This kit takes advantage of SMARTer Stranded RNA-seq technology, based on our proprietary SMART (Switching Mechanism at the 5′ end of RNA Template) technology, with the added benefits of locked nucleic acid (LNA) technology as in the SMART-Seq v4 kit. The integrated post-cDNA synthesis removal of abundant molecules originating from rRNA makes the workflow extremely sensitive with excellent reproducibility and low mapping to rRNA. This method was developed to work with either high- or low-quality total RNA and does not require additional rRNA removal methods or kits. Final libraries retain strand of origin information.