Venticell IL 700 2D cl. 5

VENTICELL IL is a series of modular large-sized laboratory devices with the chamber volume of from 400 to 3 900 liters. The devices are used for items sterilization at the temperature of up to 180°C, or for items depyrogenation at the temperature of up to 300 °C and optional time mode. The devices can be used in laboratories, industry, pharmacy, and research.

VENTICELL IL is intended for thermally resistant, inflammable materials, e.g.:

  • empty glass products – glasses, ampoules, vials, bottles, vessels
  • metal materials in pharmaceutical industry – trays, containers, accessories and device parts
  • thermally stable basic pharmaceutical products and chemical substances

The device concept is based on the requirements of the standard EN 61010-2-040 and can be adjusted according to the individual needs of each worksite. The device is designed and manufactured in the certified quality assurance system in accordance with EN ISO 9001.

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