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The importance of monitoring environmental isolates

Tracking and trending environmental isolates is a growing concern for pharmaceutical companies, since objectionable organisms [...]

ProtoCOL 3 Automated Colony Counter – Fast, Accurate, Reproducible

As all microbiologists know, counting bacterial colonies manually can be a monotonous and eye-straining task. [...]

Ready-to-use ‘Starved Cells’ for GPT of R2A agar

If your lab is following the Japanese Pharmacopoeia (JP), you will be familiar with the [...]

14th Annual Irish Conference – Hot Topics in Pharmaceutical Microbiology – Dublin

Come join Medical Supply Company and Isolation Technology at Pharmig 2019, where we will be [...]

What are auditors looking for in growth promotion testing (GPT)?

Microbiologics have published a new post highlighting the best practices that auditors look for when [...]