Accelerate PhenoTest™ BC kit

Average time to results:

Identification in about 90 minutes

Antibiotic susceptibility in about 7 hours

Fully Automated

Entire process within 1 kit

2 minutes to load & start

Direct from sample

No culturing for isolates

No manual McFarland prep

Actionable Results

MIC-based susceptibilities

SIR interpretations

CLSI/EUCAST breakpoints

Expert & Custom Rules

Access anywhere software

With healthier patient outcomes, shorter wait times & hospital stays, the Accelerate PhenoTest™ is a welcome addition to the Microbiology Lab.


With the Accelerate Pheno™ system MIC results are available 1-2 days faster than current methods, expanding the value of antimicrobial stewardship and driving better outcomes for patients with serious infections.

Average time to results using the Accelerate PhenoTest™ BC kit:

  • Identification in less than 90 minutes
  • Antibiotic susceptibility in about 7 hours



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