SmartFAST – Laminar Flow Cabinets

SmartFAST – Laminar Flow Cabinets | Medical Supply Company

Laminar Air Flow Cabinets are specialised enclosures designed to deliver a contaminant free work area by blowing filtered air with uniform velocity and direction across a work surface. A wide range of laboratories including medical, pharmaceutical, environmental and biotechnological labs utilise such cabinets to maintain a sterile and particulate-free area while preforming sensitive experiments.  SmartFAST are […]

Introducing Sebia Hydrashift Isatuximab assay

Sebia Hydrashift Isatuximab assay | Medical Supply Company

In Europe 40,000 new cases of Multiple Myeloma (MM) are detected each year making it the second most common blood cancer (1). It is well known that the newer treatments for MM that use humanized monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) can interfere with the patient’s native antibodies in immunofixation tests. This can mislead the pathologist in interpreting […]

Standardised, reproducible cell thawing with ThawSTAR

Standardised, reproducible cell thawing with ThawSTAR, biobanking and cell culture cryogenic, cell culture cryogenic tubes, biobanking and cell culture, cell culture cryogenic, culture cryogenic tubes | Medical Supply Company

Are you thawing cells using a water bath or your hands? Is you cell thawing process reproducible? Are you having issues with cell viability after thawing? The way cryopreserved cells are thawed has a huge effect on their viability and function. Traditionally, cryogenic vials are thawed using a water bath at 37°C. While this may […]

Laboratory Workwear Decontamination

Laboratory Workwear, ozzon | Medical Supply Company

Are you concerned that lab coats, shoes or re-usable gloves are a source of cross-contamination? Or a SARS-CoV-2 risk? MSC in conjunction with Alliance Bio Expertise (ABE) introduce Ozzon laboratory workwear decontamination cabinet. Why choose Ozzon: Ozzon is a dedicated station used for the disinfection of the technician’s lab workwear. Providing high levels of disinfection […]

PCR FAST – protecting PCR samples and operators alike!

PCR FAST Protecting PCR Samples | Medical Supply Company

A PCR cabinet is an essential piece of equipment for any laboratory that performs sensitive PCR amplification and manipulation of DNA or RNA. PCR cabinets are adopted in a wide range of disciplines including microbiology, haematology, cell culture and genetics to provide effective decontamination of solutions, reagents, and equipment before and during PCR manipulations. PCR […]

GS Biotech incubators: the ideal cell culture growth environment

CO2 incubators are an essential part of any cell culture laboratory, and it is important that the incubator is reliable, accurate and low maintenance for the user. GS Biotech are a Scottish based company, whose staff have over 200 years of experience in the design and manufacture a CO2 cell culture incubators.  The range is […]

HSE Tender 13788 Framework agreement for Nuclear Medicine

HSE project 13788 Framework agreement for Nuclear Medicine | Medical Supply Company

MSC and our partners Faster and TRF are delighted to announce that we have been successful in our submission for the supply of  Laminar Airflow Cabinets, Unidirectional Radio Pharmacy Isolators, 2 / 4 Glove and General Equipment Oncology Pharmacy Particle Counter; Dose Calibrator for the HSE project 13788 Framework agreement for Nuclear Medicine. Lot No: […]

QC testing simplified with Microbiologics – Antimicrobial Resistant Strains

QC testing simplified with Microbiologics – Antimicrobial Resistant Strains One of the biggest breakthroughs in the world of healthcare was the advent of antibiotics. However, the rise of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) now jeopardizes their long-term efficacy.  Drug-resistant pathogens kill at least 700 000 people annually and they’re making common diseases, including respiratory tract infections, sexually transmitted […]

Blood Cancer in Histology

Blood Cancer in Histology, Hematology Markers, IHC | Medical Supply Company

Detecting Hematologic Cancers The battle to save the immune support army in the blood Early detection can be challenging in cases of the most common blood cancers like leukemia, lymphoma, and myeloma. Each of these diseases can interrupt a patient’s army of white blood cells, leading to a highly compromised immune system. The Cell Marque™ […]

FecalSwab® – A successful diagnostic test begins at sampling!

FecalSwab® - A successful diagnostic test begins at sampling | Medical Supply Company

The cause of infectious diarrhoea is rarely determined on the basis of clinical presentation alone. Microbiological confirmation is typically required to provide important information for treatment. Accurate pathogen detection relies heavily on the quality of the sampling method, storage, and transportation to the testing site. Stool sample collection has long been the standard method of choice for […]