New Partner Annoucement – Accelerate Diagnostics

New Partner Accelerate Diagnostics | Medical Supply Company

We are delighted to announce our new partnership with Accelerate Diagnostics. Accelerate Diagnostics are leading the way in building new technology and tests that accelerate lab results and drive better clincal outcomes for patients with serious infections. Accelerate Diagnostics are dedicated to providing solutions for the global challenge of antibiotic resistance and hospital acquired infections. […]

9th Annual Irish Next Generation Sequencing Meeting

9th Annual Next Generation Sequencing Meeting | Medical Supply Company

When : 30.05.2019 Where : Trinity Biomedical Sciences Institute This year there is a really intersting line up of speakers that are not to be missed, in particular Samuel Bouvet (Takarabio) who will be discussing most recent advents in single cell NGS to unravel biological complexity and disease. The ever poplular lightening round of talks […]

Early diagnosis of Colorectal Cancer: Introducing the kit

Kit for early diagnosis of Colorectal Cancer, Colon Cancer, Easy PGX ready FL-DNA Blog Post | Medical Supply Company

We would like to introduce the first and only kit that supports the early diagnosis of Colorectal Cancer (CRC). A non invasive test with a turnaround time from tissue to result is less than 3 hours with only 10 minutes of hands-on-time. Colorectal Cancer testing Up to the last five years, using stool samples to […]

Hemoglobin Atlas from Sebia

Sebia Hemoglobin Atlas | Medical Supply Company

The Sebia Hemoglobin Atlas aims to improve experience and knowledge of the laboratories in the diagnosis of hemoglobinopathies and thalassemias. This educational tool consists of a clinically documented collection of hemoglobin capillary electrophoresis profiles. This online version encompasses new features: Search and sort the profiles according to the migration position of the hemoglobin peak Improvement […]

New Partner Announcement – Nucleix

New Partner Announcement - Nucleix

We are delighted to announce that the following product range  Bladder EpiCheck® from Nucleix is now available from Medical Supply Company.  Nucleix has launched to the market a non-invasive test for bladder cancer, that allows urologists to better monitor patients.  The assay is based on the analysis of 15 DNA methylation biomarkers for the detection […]

Sign up for Cell Marque Millipore Sigma Free Webinar

Cell Marque Millipore Sigma Free Webinar advanced staining IHC Laboratory | Medical Supply Company

Topic: Routine, Special and Advanced Staining for IHC Laboratory Date : Wednesday 22nd May, 2019 Time: 4:00pm Duration: 60 Minutes Presenter: Debra Freeman, Technical Consultant About this webinar Routine and special stains are usually selected to demonstrate a special structure, chemical or molecular characteristic of the tissue. They are the first tool in a pathologist’s […]

14th Annual Irish Conference – Hot Topics in Pharmaceutical Microbiology – Dublin

14th Annual Irish Conference – Master Hot Topics in Pharmaceutical Microbiology – Dublin , Pharmig 2019 | Medical Supply Company

Come join Medical Supply Company and Isolation Technology at Pharmig 2019, where we will be on hand focusing on: Microbiologics ABE Airwel In particular the Airwel Plus with Self-Check, “the only air sampler on the market that allows users to verify on-site it is still operating within calibrated parameters” Enbiogroup Microjet When: – 15th & […]

Choosing the correct enclosure for your laboratory ; Biological Safety Cabinet (BSC), Laminar Flow (LAF) or Fume Hood?

correct enclosure for your laboratory, Clean Air, Containment, biological safety cabinet, fume hood, chemical fume hood, laminar flow hood, ductless fume hood | Medical Supply Company

Tips when selecting the correct enclosure for your laboratory Selecting the correct enclosure for your laboratory needs can be difficult. The first problem is the sheer number of names that are associated with “clean air” or “containment” work-stations. You will hear reference to: Biological Safety Cabinets (BSC) / Biosafety Cabinets / Safety Cabinets* Class I, Class […]