Results of the PHENOMENON study

Results of the PHENOMENON study | Medical Supply Company

Clinical and economical improvements after introducing rapid identification of bacteria and early antibiotic susceptibility testing in sepsis and bloodstream infections. The PHENO Medical EcoNOmic EvaluatioN – PHENOMENON study was conducted in a tertiary care hospital in Germany.The study is a historically controlled interventional study comparing the time to result and the economic impact of the […]

Tablet Counter

Tablet Counter | Medical Supply Company

This revolutionary product eliminates the time-consuming task of manual pill counting through a simple yet accurate technique of automatically counting the individual tablets. Designed specifically for the Pharmaceutical and Veterinary industries and meets current regulatory demands, the EEZYcount tablet counter is a welcome addtion in your pharmacy. What is a Tablet Counter and how does it work? […]

PuraShield™ 500 Air Purifier Cabinet

Purashield 500 Air Purifier | Medical Supply Company

With covid spreading more easily in indoor settings large droplets fall to the ground over short distances, tiny droplets known as aerosols can carry the virus over distances greater than two metres, and linger. Masks, social distancing and well a ventilated space can help curb the spread of covid19. The PuraShield™ 500 Air Purifier Cabinet […]

Protos 3 Automated Colony Counter and Chromogenic ID System

Protos 3 Automated Colony Counter and Chromogenic ID System | Medical Supply Company

Increased throughput, reproducibility and traceability for food, environmental & research labs Counting bacterial colonies is still a routine part of microbiology testing in many laboratories. However, counting colonies manually has several drawbacks, especially for regulated industries. Firstly, counting manually can be a time-consuming process and there is a risk of human error and the lack […]

Immucor Virtual RHD Symposium

Immucor Virtual RHD Symposium | Medical Supply Company

On 27 January 2021, Immucor will replay their educational symposium on the topic of Rh testing.  Rh testing is one of the most important aspects of blood banking.  It is also one of the most varied with multiple clones for reagents, molecular testing and frequently updated recommendations.  During this RHD symposium, three industry leaders will […]

See that band better with Vilber Fusion FX7!

Vilber Fusion FX7 | Medical Supply Company

The Vilber Fusion FX7 is a super sensitive chemiluminescence and fluorescence detection instrument for western blots and other applications like multi-plex arrays and even small animals. The Fusion FX7 can also image DNA, RNA and protein gels with SYBR-Safe dyes, ethidium bromide or coloured dyes like Coomassie.   The Fusion FX7 is a really sensitive instrument, this reduces the time needed to acquire the image. The sensitivity comes from the patented lens aperture […]

Digital Premiere of Dante – Diapath’s new embedding system

Dante - Diapath's new embedding system | Medical Supply Company

Our partners in Diapath are happy to announce the official launch date of Dante – their new embedding system including embedding module and cold plate. The live digital premiere is being held on 26th January @ 1:00 PM and is open to all Click the button below to follow the live presentation Get In Touch

Diapath Webinar’s – 2021 Approved CEU’s Provider by NSH.

Diapath Approved CEU | Medical Supply Company

Our partners Diapath are now approved as CEU’s provider by the National Society for Histotechnology (NSH). You can now take advantage of this by earning free CEU’s by attending the wide range of webinars that Diapath are hosting. To register for any of the below webinars, please click the link below to Diapath’s website. 21st […]

The difficulties and pitfalls on HbS diagnosis

The difficulties and pitfalls of HbS diagnosis, sickle cell, sickle cell disease | Medical Supply Company

Who: SEBIA speaker Dr. Wajcman What: Educational webinar on the difficulties and pitfalls of HbS Diagnosis When: January 13th 2021 @ 9am and January 19th 2021 @ 1pm Where: Register here; click here HbS is an inherited variant of haemoglobin that causes Sickle Cell Disease. The HbS variant is a mutation in the beta chain […]

Fast and accurate qPCR with SensiFast

Fast and accurate qPCR with SensiFast, qpcr | Medical Supply Company

 One Step versus Two Step real time PCR, which should you use?  The short answer is, there is no short answer, both systems have their advantages and disadvantages.  First of all let’s take a look at how the two techniques work:  One Step real time PCR starts with addition of RNA, gene-specific primers and a one step real-time PCR mix added to […]