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Blood Cancer in Histology

Blood Cancer in Histology, Hematology Markers, IHC | Medical Supply Company

Detecting Hematologic Cancers The battle to save the immune support army in the blood Early detection can be challenging in cases of the most common blood cancers like leukemia, lymphoma, and myeloma. Each of these diseases can interrupt a patient’s army of white blood cells, leading to a highly compromised immune system. The Cell Marque™ […]

FecalSwab® – A successful diagnostic test begins at sampling!

FecalSwab® - A successful diagnostic test begins at sampling | Medical Supply Company

The cause of infectious diarrhoea is rarely determined on the basis of clinical presentation alone. Microbiological confirmation is typically required to provide important information for treatment. Accurate pathogen detection relies heavily on the quality of the sampling method, storage, and transportation to the testing site. Stool sample collection has long been the standard method of choice for […]

Immucor’s Learn Site

LEARN Immucor | Medical Supply Company

We would like to remind you again of the launch of Immucor’s updated continuing education (CE) website, LEARN – coinciding with a time where online learning may bring additional value and benefits due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  Access the updated site – using your same user name and password and via the same web address, you use today,  If you […]

March Endometriosis Awareness Month

March Endometriosis Awareness Month, endometriosis, MDNA Life Sciences | Medical Supply Company

“Endometriosis”, 1 in 10 women will hear this as their diagnosis after years of suffering from chronic pain and/or heartbreaking fertility issues. Symptoms of endometriosis can appear as early as the beginnings of puberty, but for most is observed as chronic pain that persists well into the menopausal years. What is it? Endometriosis is a […]

The rise of AMR due to the COVID-19 pandemic and its consequences for treating BSIs.

Rise of AMR due to COVID-19 | Medical Supply Company

The emergence of covid-19 has created a public health crisis of historic proportions. Most of our plans and priorities have been altered as a result, no more so than those of the front line workers that are working tirelessly to fight the virus. Worryingly, there is a hidden epidemic unfolding within the pandemic – antimicrobial […]

Standardise Pour Plate Preparation by Automating Media Dispensing and Plate Stirring

Standardise Pour Plate Preparation | Medical Supply Company

Microbiology labs can use several methods for agar-based microbiological analysis in a Petri dish. These include the ‘Spread Plate Method’ and the ‘Pour Plate Method’. The spread plate method consists of placing the sample on the surface of solid culture media. With this technique, colonies can be easily retrieved, for identification for instance. However, the […]

Copan Tuberculosis’s Day Webinar

On the occasion of the next International Tuberculosis Day, our partners in Copan are pleased to host Professor Gerard Cangelosi speech, an unmissable opportunity to understand how Covid-19 impacted tuberculosis screening, with a closer look at healthcare workers’ safety. Prof. GERARD CANGELOSI BS, PhD Professor, Department of Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences Adjunct Professor. Departments of […]

Tonbos Transcription Factor Staining Buffer Kit; The Answer to Your Needs

Transcription factors (TFs) are the primary regulators of gene expression, and are defined as proteins that bind to specific DNA sequences in order to control transcription, which in turn influences molecular pathways and ultimately the phenotypic characteristics of any given cell. Considering they interact with DNA, their examination requires a probe to penetrate both the […]

New Supplier – BioLife Solutions

New Supplier BioLife Solutions | Medical Supply Company

MSC are delighted to announce our new partnership with BioLife Solutions, a leading supplier of bio-preservation and cell thawing products. The BioLife Solutions range is designed to preserve the viability and function of your biologic materials and significantly increase the reproducibility of freezing and thawing processes from R&D to commercial cell and gene therapy manufacturing. ThawSTAR® […]