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Burkholderia cepacia: how to comply with USP <60>

MSC offers a full range of media and QC strains to ensure you conform to [...]

Quality Control testing for Salmonella? MSC has got your covered !

Salmonella species are Gram-negative, rod-shaped bacteria that live in the intestinal tracts of animals and birds [...]

Quality Control – Understanding the benefits of Third-Party IVD Controls

Understanding the benefits of Third-Party IVD controls In a laboratory Quality Control (QC) refers to [...]

Objectional Organisms and costly product recalls

Objectional organisms are the main contributor for recalls. Pharmaceutical microbiologists have the great responsibility of [...]

What are Helix Elite™ Molecular Standards?

Microbiologics’ Helix Elite range provides a variety of biological reference materials that are used in [...]

Creepy Cultures 2021

The spooky agar art contest featuring your favorite microorganisms Now that spooky season is here, [...]

Blood Culture Identification Controls

Safe, simple, stable controls for blood culture identification Bloodstream infections (BSIs) occur as a result [...]

QC testing simplified with Microbiologics – Antimicrobial Resistant Strains

QC testing simplified with Microbiologics – Antimicrobial Resistant Strains One of the biggest breakthroughs in [...]

The importance of monitoring environmental isolates

Tracking and trending environmental isolates is a growing concern for pharmaceutical companies, since objectionable organisms [...]

The importance of using external controls in molecular microbiology

Has your lab invested in a biochemical or molecular-based microbial detection / identification system? If [...]

Ready-to-use ‘Starved Cells’ for GPT of R2A agar

If your lab is following the Japanese Pharmacopoeia (JP), you will be familiar with the [...]

Microbiologics supporting through the COVID-19 Emergency

Supporting you through the COVID-19 Emergency Our partner Microbiologics remains committed to supplying products to [...]