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Creepy Cultures 2021

Creepy Cultures | Medical Supply Company

The spooky agar art contest featuring your favorite microorganisms Now that spooky season is here, it’s time to bust out the agar plates, inoculating loops, and your favorite microorganisms for our annual #CreepyCultures agar art contest! Send us a picture of your Halloween-themed agar art by Wednesday, October 27th, 2021, for a chance to win fun […]

Blood Culture Identification Controls

Blood Culture Identification Controls | Medical Supply Company

Safe, simple, stable controls for blood culture identification Bloodstream infections (BSIs) occur as a result of bacteria entering the bloodstream via an infected organ, a wound or an implanted medical device. Routine BSIs can develop into life-threatening conditions such as sepsis if the causative pathogen is not identified and effectively treated in a timely manner. […]

QC testing simplified with Microbiologics – Antimicrobial Resistant Strains

QC testing simplified with Microbiologics – Antimicrobial Resistant Strains One of the biggest breakthroughs in the world of healthcare was the advent of antibiotics. However, the rise of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) now jeopardizes their long-term efficacy.  Drug-resistant pathogens kill at least 700 000 people annually and they’re making common diseases, including respiratory tract infections, sexually transmitted […]

The importance of monitoring environmental isolates

The importance of monitoring environmental isolates, objectionable organisms | Medical Supply Company

Tracking and trending environmental isolates is a growing concern for pharmaceutical companies, since objectionable organisms remain the leading cause of non-sterile product recalls. In this blog we look at the importance of monitoring your environmental isolates, storing them correctly and adding them to your testing schedule. Objectionable organisms account for around 72% of non-sterile product recalls. […]

The importance of using external controls in molecular microbiology

The importance of using external controls in molecular microbiology quality controls qc panels external controls | Medical Supply Company

Has your lab invested in a biochemical or molecular-based microbial detection / identification system? If so, how often do you use external or ‘third party’ controls to assess its performance? Quality control is your laboratories first line of defence against potentially disastrous errors. Most identification instruments come with internal controls, but since they are supplied […]

Ready-to-use ‘Starved Cells’ for GPT of R2A agar

Starved Cells, GPT agar, GPT of R2A agar, oligotrophic organisms | Medical Supply Company

If your lab is following the Japanese Pharmacopoeia (JP), you will be familiar with the requirement to use ‘starved cells’ for Growth Promotion Testing (GPT) of R2A agar. This agar is widely used to detect oligotrophic organisms, such as stressed or chlorine-resistant bacteria in purified or pharmaceutical water. The Japanese Pharmacopoeia states: “Prior to the […]

Microbiologics supporting through the COVID-19 Emergency

Microbiologics support through COVID-19 | Medical Supply Company

Supporting you through the COVID-19 Emergency Our partner Microbiologics remains committed to supplying products to enable Laboratories to keep performing their work. They remain fully functional and have plans in place that will allow continuous supply of all necessary controls, standards, and biomaterials. Supply chain is domestic and robust. Have taken maximum efforts to protect […]

Microbiologics EMEA Distributor Meeting 2019

Microbiologics EMEA Distributor Meeting 2019 | Medical Supply Company

Medical Supply Company recently attended the Microbiologics EMEA Distributor Meeting in Berlin. It was great to get updates on the product line, hear about exciting new projects and meet fellow distributors from all over the EMEA region. Thank you to Peter Penn and the rest of the Microbiologics team for a great few days of […]

Should you test for Burkholderia cepacia?

Should you test / care for Burkholderia cepacia, Gram- Negative Rod | Medical Supply Company

Why you should care about Burkholderia cepacia A recent article from Charles River “Why You Should Care About Burkholderia cepacia” caught our attention and reminded us of the importance of this ubiquitous Gram-negative rod. The question of whether or not to test for Burkholderia cepacia frequently arises for all non-sterile pharmaceuticals, personal care products and […]

Slowing down the threat of antibiotic resistance

threat of antibiotic resistance | Medical Supply Company

Since the discovery of antibiotics, they have served as the foundation of modern medicine.  Continuous misuse and overuse have been responsible for and the spread of antibiotic resistance.  When bacteria become resistance to the drugs used to treat them, we end up with dangerously high levels of antibiotic resistance.  Antibiotic resistance is one of the […]