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Standardise Pour Plate Preparation by Automating Media Dispensing and Plate Stirring

Standardise Pour Plate Preparation | Medical Supply Company

Microbiology labs can use several methods for agar-based microbiological analysis in a Petri dish. These include the ‘Spread Plate Method’ and the ‘Pour Plate Method’. The spread plate method consists of placing the sample on the surface of solid culture media. With this technique, colonies can be easily retrieved, for identification for instance. However, the […]

Alliance BioExpertise (ABE) Distributor Training

mediawel, mediawel 10l, Alliance BioExpertise Training, media preparator | Medical Supply Company

On a recent visit to the Alliance BioExpertise (ABE)headquarters in Rennes, France, the Pharma team received hands on training on their automated food and media preparation range of instruments. Over the 2 days the distributors got a chance to be part of the innovative, enthusiatic and professional team at ABE. They showcased the new mediapreparator, […]

Autoclaves vs Media Preparators

Media preparators, Autoclaves, dehydrated media, alliance bio expertise | Medical Supply Company

Are you preparing large volumes of dehydrated media in your lab? Do you experience batch-to-batch variability? Do you have difficulty getting your strains to grow? Do you worry about the traceability of your autoclave cycles? The good news is you are not alone. Traditionally, microbiology labs have used steam autoclaves to prepare and sterilise media […]

Diluwel Diluter

Diluwel Diluter | Medical Supply Company

Introducing the Diluwel Diluter, are you finding that you are overwhelmed with more samples to test and fewer people to perform those tests?  Or perhaps you are finding that space is a problem in your microbiology laboratory ? are you finding that you can get fast but less accurate results or more accurate results at […]

New Supplier – Alliance Bio Expertise

New Supplier  – Alliance Bio Expertise (ABE) MSC are pleased to announce our new partner Alliance Bio Expertise (ABE) based in Guipry, France. The full range of ABE products for air sampling, media preparation and food sample preparation are now available from MSC. The ABE team includes many founding members of AES, now part of […]