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Introducing the Diluwel Diluter, are you finding that you are overwhelmed with more samples to test and fewer people to perform those tests?  Or perhaps you are finding that space is a problem in your microbiology laboratory ? are you finding that you can get fast but less accurate results or more accurate results at a slower rate.

What you need is the Diluwel, a new gravimetric diluter for microbiology food testing and cosmetic laboratories which combines fast dilution with extreme precision (<1% deviation) and it can be used in a biosafety cabinet.


  • Fast and accurate dispensing – 12 seconds for 225ml / (9 seconds in turbo mode)
  • Dilution accuracy – >99%
  • Turbo Mode – Yes
  • Bubble level integrated – Yes
  • Motorized dispensing nozzle – Yes
  • Editable programs – 20
  • Weighing range – 1 g to 4000 g
  • Dilution factor – 1.00 to 1/100.00


  • Stainless steel bag holder
  • Watertight – easy to clean
  • motorized dispensing nozzle
  • Data management
  • 2 USB ports 1 for upgrades and 1 for communication module
  • Plug and Play removable pumps
  • Interactive display#
  • Weight 8kg ( W x D x H) 250 x 275 x 400 mm

For more information on the Diluwel range please click here or view video from Alliance Bio Expertise on how fast and accurate the Diluwel is.

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