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100U of MyTaq/MyTaq Red Offer ends 05/06/18

mytaq promo | Medical Supply Company

100U of MyTaq/MyTaq Red for only €23 For 1 week only – offer finishes Tuesday 5/06/18 Sensitive – exhibits increased affinity for DNA, improving amplification of even limiting amounts of template Efficient – novel buffer system maximizes efficiency of PCR amplification Robust – reliable amplification in the presence of inhibitors and with even the most […]

FREE QPCR Instrument from MSC

Great things come in small packages… QPCR results in just 30 minutes Combine the power of the Mic and Bioline to achieve FAST and ACCURATE results in just 30 minutes Faster – 35 cycles in less than 25 minutes Accurate – superior uniformity of +/-0.05C Intelligent software – for absolute and relative quantification, genotyping, HRM […]

Knockout Validated Antibodies!10 ug trial size antibodies from €99

How do we validate our antibodies? Knockout cell lines (cells with no or reduced expression of precise target proteins) is the new gold standard to validate the specificity of antibodies. We have created 100s of CRISPR Knockout cell lines by introducing frame-shift mutations into the genomic DNA of target cells using sgRNA/CAS9. The CRISPR knockout […]

TransIT-X2® Dynamic Delivery System for Broad Spectrum Transfection

TransIT-X2® Dynamic Delivery System

40% off Offer ends 11/05/18 TransIT-X2® Dynamic Delivery System Enables Efficiency – Exceptional Broad Spectrum Transfection Versatility – Cutting Edge Delivery of Plasmid DNA and small RNAs (siRNA, miRNA and CRISPR guide RNA) Technology – Novel, Non-Liposomal, Polymeric Deliver Code Description Description 40% Off MIR6003 TransIT-X2® Dynamic Delivery System 0.3ml € 210 € 126 MIR6004 TransIT-X2® Dynamic Delivery System 0.75ml € […]