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Capillarys 3 DBS and Newborn screening awareness month

September is Newborn screening (NBS) awareness month. Did you know that Sebia offers the Capillarys [...]

The power of isoelectric focusing on the diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis (MS) in Ireland

What is Multiple Sclerosis? Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is a degenerative disease of the Central Nervous [...]

Why choose the Sebia Free Light Chain (FLC) assay?

Why is FLC Measurement so important? Multiple Myeloma (MM) and other plasma disorders can be [...]

Webinar Immunotyping vs. Immunofixation

Want to move to a more automated approach to the detection of M-proteins and the [...]

Early detection of Multiple Myeloma: The importance of serum protein electrophoresis

What is Multiple Myeloma? Multiple myeloma, also known as myeloma or Kahler’s disease, is a [...]

SEBIA HYDRASHIFT 2/4 daratumumab test kit

Introducing the SEBIA HYDRASHIFT 2/4 daratumumab test kit which mitigates daratumumab interferences in multiple myeloma [...]

The difficulties and pitfalls on HbS diagnosis

Who: SEBIA speaker Dr. Wajcman What: Educational webinar on the difficulties and pitfalls of HbS [...]

Latest information on the new Capillarys 3 Automation solutions from Sebia.

CAPILLARYS 3 TERA MC (Maximum Capacity) is able to process either very high volumes of [...]

The impact of red blood cell lifespan on HbA1c measurement

An article written by Thomas P. Lohmann, who is the Director of Medical and Scientific [...]

New HbA1c Publication

The impact of red blood cell lifespan on HbA1c measurement by Lohmann T, MDMedical Laboratory [...]

HSE Project 13054

MSC are delighted to announce our continued success in the Irish Multiple Myeloma arena. We [...]

High Resolution HbA1c Separation using the Sebia CAPILLARYS 3 TERA

HbA1c is widely used for the management and diagnosis of diabetes mellitus (DM). Correlation between [...]