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Harvey’s Gang

Harvey's Gang | Medical Supply Company

Malcolm Robinson (Chief Biomedical Scientist, Blood Transfusion WSHT) from Harvey’s Gang will be on our stand at BioMedica 2018 to discuss how helping children understand their healthcare and how involving them in their treatment process has impacted on their lives for the better and improved the hospital experience.

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MSC Travel Grant €1,000 Prize

Travel grant Award | Medical Supply Company

Deadline: 8th June Our annual Travel Grant Award to win €1,000 for travel to any scientific meeting is back,  please send us your abstract by the 8th June. Entry Requirements • Topic: Write a blog on your current research • Length: Up to 600 words • Images: 100ppi or more, in jpg format • Eligibility […]

iCEN-24R High Speed Refigerated Centrifuge

iCEN-24R high speed centrifuge with 24-place capcity rotors are the new designed for the laboratory centrifuge. Their speed of up to 15,000rpm(21,400×g) allows for molecular biology applications in 0.2ml,0.5ml,1.5/2.0ml and PCR tubes. Both models have the soft-brake funciton to protect sensitive samples. Refrigerated Centrifuge iCEN-24R features state of the cooling function to ensure energy efficiency and high temperature accuracy for maximum sample protection.

BioMedica 2018 – Diapath

Diapath | Medical Supply Company

Carmelo Lupo from  Diapath S.p.A will be on our stand (333) to discuss liquid Coverslipper technology,  this technology is an innovative reagent that represents an effective method by “dipping” for the mounting of microscope slide. The Liquid Coverslipper is a “xylen free” reagent that can be Liquid Coverslipper Technology used both in automatic and manual stainers and […]

BioMedica 2018 – Immucor

Immucor We are delighted to have Mark Kirpatrick from Immucor UK on our stand. Immucor is a leading global provider of transfusion and transplantation diagnostic products.  Discover how Immucor can deliver the service and solution your patients deserve with the Neo IRIS and Echo LUMENA Blood Bank Analysers Immucor’s transfusion products include a complete line of reagents and […]

BioMedica 2018 – Mobidiag Showcasing Novodiag® solution

Novadiag | Medical Supply Company

We are delighted to have Christopher Brain from Mobidiag attend BioMedica 2018.   On our stand we will showcase the new Novodiag® solution which allows direct analysis of a patient sample placed in a disposable cartridge and delivers comprehensive results within a few hours. In a time where antibiotic resistance is a major threat for global […]

Microjet Microwave Autoclave

Microjet Microwave Autoclave | Medical Supply Company

The Microjet microwave autoclave achieves complete sterilization cycle in 12 minutes. A revolution in the sterilization of liquid media the Microjet Microwave Autoclave applies the thermal energy required for sterilization directly to the medium. Microwaves are used as the energy source, so that heating of the medium is immediate and uniform.

Spring Summer 2018 Promotions

Spring Summer 2018 Promotions ELISAs | Medical Supply Company

Spring/Summer Promotions for 2018 Some great offers to put a spring in your step Run your QPCR in just 30 minutes Bioline – Savings on DNA polymerases BioLegend – Multiplex your ELISAs with flow cytometry RayBiotech – Buy 4 ELISAs get 1 FREE Antibody Genie – only €99 for CRISPr verified Antibodies Mirus – CRISPr […]

BioMedica 2018

Visit Medical Supply Co Ltd at BioMedica Join us on Stand 333  for BioMedica 2018 Join us and other Medical laboratory professionals and update your skills and knowledge of the market to achieve your professional goals for 2018. Hear our Laboratory Medicine Theatre presentations ‘Liquid Coverslipper Technology’ Tuesday 24 April: 11.40 – 12.00 Carmelo Lupo, Diapath S.p.A […]