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BACK TO SCHOOL? Safeguard your kids hands!

EcoHydra blog post image | Medical Supply Company

EcoHydra® Alcohol Free Antibacterial Instant Hand Sanitiser. Ecohydra is a cost effective, alcohol free, kind to hands sanitiser, that is ideal for use not just in schools, universities, creches but also at home. Up to 40 times faster at neutralising bugs than alcohol sanitiser, Ecohydra can remain active for up to 4 hours protecting your […]

New Supplier Tonbo Biosciences

New Supplier Announcement Tonbo Biosciences | Medical Supply Company

MSC are proud to announce the new partnership with Tonbo Biosciences!  Tonbo Biosciences was founded in 2011 by a team of immunologists, researchers, and industry leaders with the purpose of giving back to the research community.  We support researchers by offering the same high-quality reagents as the leading industry suppliers but at more affordable prices. […]

Webinar – The Great Myths of Pharmaceutical Microbiology

Webinar - The Great Myths of Pharmaceutical Microbiology | Medical Supply Company

Are you looking to brush up on your knowledge of pharmaceutical microbiology? Pharmig is hosting an exciting webinar on ‘The Great Myths of Microbiology’ Date: Thursday 27th August 2020 Time: at 2pm BST. Colony-forming units – what are they Microbiology safety cabinets – do they always work? Media growth promotion – can it be skipped? […]