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Chemical Indicators in Sterilisation Monitoring

Chemical Indicators in sterilisation monitoring | Medical Supply Company

Chemical Indictors in Sterilisation Monitoring Introducing Proppermfg comprehensive range of Chemical Indicators that will meet all lab requirements. Chemical indicators are used to ensure the parameters required for sterilization such as ethylene oxide or steam sterilization have been met. The complete portfolio of chemical indicators available from Proppermfg includes both internal and external indicators. Internal […]

Cell Culture Contamination

Cell Culture Contimination | Medical Supply Company

In an ideal world mammalian cell culture should be conducted in clean rooms in order to fully control the environment, however the reality is that that is just not possible. Instead cell culture facilities are typically set up in whatever room is available, where often space is limited so considerations for traffic flow or environmental control is done to the best of abilities. While biological safety units can protect the […]

IVD Respiratory Controls for Flu Season

IVD Respiratory Controls for Flu Season | Medical Supply Company

Cold and flu season is a busy time in the laboratory, especially with SARS-CoV-2. QC testing your diagnostic instruments and assays shouldn’t add to the stress. Microbiologics makes it simple, with accurate, test-ready controls for a variety of respiratory pathogens to help you ensure consistent, reliable results.   Catalog # QC Respiratory Panels   8246 Flu/RSV/SARS-CoV-2 […]

Cytokeratin’s all you need to know.

Cytokeratin’s all you need to know | Medical Supply Company

What are Cytokeratin’s?   Cytokeratin’s are proteins and an important component of the intermediate filaments found within the cytoplasm of epithelial cells.   Epithelial cells cover the surface of the body as well as line organs and body cavities. They perform many functions including protection, secretion, absorption, filtration diffusion and sensory reception. What are Cytokeratin’s 5, […]

Want to verify cleaning efficacy in the lab?

Want to verify cleaning efficacy in the lab?

The Propper ProExpose™ Protein Test can be used as part of a cleaning verification protocol that confirms that all steps of the cleaning cycle have been effective. A simple easy to use kit that utilizes a dye-binding method for protein detection that results in a clear, easy-to-read colour change. The kit comes in 2 formats […]

Add some mojo to your cell sorting experiments

MojoSort™, MojoSort™ kits, MojoSort™ systems, cell sorting | Medical Supply Company

Isolating specific cell populations from a complex sample has become a common lab procedure. Using highly specific antibodies in combination with magnetic particles is one of the most common, quickest and easiest separation methods available. One of the easiest magnetic sorting systems is the MojoSort™  system from Biolegend. Unlike other systems, the MojoSort™  system does […]