Monthly Archives: November 2020

Chemical Indicators in Sterilisation Monitoring

Chemical Indictors in Sterilisation Monitoring Introducing Proppermfg comprehensive range of Chemical Indicators that will meet [...]

Cell Culture Contamination

In an ideal world mammalian cell culture should be conducted in clean rooms in order to fully [...]

IVD Respiratory Controls for Flu Season

Cold and flu season is a busy time in the laboratory, especially with SARS-CoV-2. QC [...]

Cytokeratin’s all you need to know.

What are Cytokeratin’s?   Cytokeratin’s are proteins and an important component of the intermediate filaments [...]

Want to verify cleaning efficacy in the lab?

The Propper ProExpose™ Protein Test can be used as part of a cleaning verification protocol [...]

Add some mojo to your cell sorting experiments

Isolating specific cell populations from a complex sample has become a common lab procedure. Using [...]

Equipment Roadshow 2020

MSC will be hosting a “stay-at-home” equipment roadshow event! Date : Wednesday 2nd December 2020 [...]