Want to verify cleaning efficacy in the lab?

Want to verify cleaning efficacy in the lab?

The Propper ProExpose™ Protein Test can be used as part of a cleaning verification protocol that confirms that all steps of the cleaning cycle have been effective.

A simple easy to use kit that utilizes a dye-binding method for protein detection that results in a clear, easy-to-read colour change.

The kit comes in 2 formats with different swab lengths

  • Short swab for instruments
  • Long swab for endoscopes and cannulated instruments

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“Confirm that your instruments are clean with ProExpose™ Protein Detection Test. ProExpose™ quickly verifies that there is no protein remaining on your instruments after manual cleaning and washing in an ultrasonic or washer disinfector prior to sterilization.

Utilizing sterile water, swab a difficult to clean portion of an instrument then place the swab into test tube containing the solution. If protein is present solution will turn blue. Test is semi-quantitative, the deepness of blue will vary depending on the amount of protein present on the swab/instrument.

ProExpose™ detects protein to a sensitivity of 0.1ug of protein ensuring safety of your instruments and patients.”

Propper provide a full range of products for cleaning validation including, Test Soil used to test dishwasher cleaning efficacy; WD-Chex™ Washer-Disinfector Monitor used to confirm optimal functionality of your Washer-Disinfector and OK-Sonic™ ultrasonic monitor used to confirm the efficacy of your ultrasonic monitor with each load.

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