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Who knew it was DNA Day today?  The 25th of April marks an important day [...]

14th Annual Irish Conference – Hot Topics in Pharmaceutical Microbiology – Dublin

Come join Medical Supply Company and Isolation Technology at Pharmig 2019, where we will be [...]

Choosing the correct enclosure for your laboratory; Biological Safety Cabinet (BSC), Laminar Flow (LAF) or Fume Hood?.

Tips when selecting the correct enclosure for your lab A biological safety cabinet is also [...]

Science in a Box

Medical Supply company recently sponsored the “Science in a box” STEAM project in Rathfeigh National [...]

Is it safe to use a Bunsen burner in a biological safety cabinet (BSC)?

he use of both biological safety cabinets (BSCs) and flames both share a common objective [...]

Solutions for Cancer Research

Our partners in Takara offer a broad range of innovative technologies to accelerate your cancer [...]