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Science in a box | Medical Supply Company

Medical Supply company recently sponsored the “Science in a box” STEAM project in Rathfeigh National School, Tara, Co Meath. Over a number of weeks one of our Scientists visited Rathfeigh N.S. and delivered the programme which was created for primary school students to learn more about science. This programme was delivered in a fun , hands-on environment and was a huge success.
The Science in a box initiative is helping lay the foundation for the next generation of budding scientists in Rathfeigh and surrounding areas. Students now know that science is everywhere!

This year the Science in a box programme included “Formation of the universe and the beginnings of chemistry plus the fundamental Physics”. This programme explored the formation of the universe in the Big Bang, and moves through 13.7 billion years of expansion, through the formation of galaxies, the Sun, Solar System and planet Earth. It explores the beginnings of chemistry, an introduction to physics – using energy and forces.

Medical Supply Company look forward to continuing this programme in association with Rathfeigh National School, and next year the focus will be on Bacteria and Human Biology.

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