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Safe Air with PuraShield™ 500 Air Purifier

Safe Air with PuraShield Air purifier, purashield™ 500 air purifier cabinet, purashield™ 500 air purifier, 500 air purifier cabinet | Medical Supply Company

SARS-CoV-2 transmission is particularly effective in crowded, confined indoor spaces where there is poor or no ventilation. Therefore, ensuring adequate ventilation may reduce the risk of COVID-19 infection.  As  covid-19 restrictions ease in Ireland and indoor dining and hospitality set to resume on the 5th of July, Purafill’s air purifying technology can make your business […]

HbA1c: The Hidden Factors – Biological Interferences

HbA1c: The Hidden Factors - Biological Interferences | Medical Supply Company

There are many factors which can affect a patients HbA1c value which can lead to clinically misleading results. Sebia are hosting a webinar to identify and explain these variations and how they should be managed. Join us on Tuesday 15th June along with speakers: David B. Sacks, Senior Investigator and Chief at NIH, Chairman of […]

Swab Rinse Kit (SRK) – Standardising Environmental Monitoring Programmes

SWAB Rince Kit SRK, srk™ swab system, cleaning validation and environmental monitoring, validation and environmental monitoring | Medical Supply Company

If there’s one thing that has been reinforced by the pandemic it has been the importance of good cleaning practices and sanitation in order to keep those around us safe. Environmental monitoring has long been an essential aspect of the biopharmaceutical and food safety industry as well as clinical settings for this exact reason, yet […]

MSC Announce New COO

MSC are delighted to announce the appointment of Cian Murphy as Chief Operating Officer (COO). Cian has been an employee of MSC since 2007, working initially as a sales representative in the Life Science department, before focusing on Pharmaceutical, Food and Industry accounts. This customer base was then spun out as a separate sales division […]

SmartFAST – Laminar Flow Cabinets

SmartFAST – Laminar Flow Cabinets | Medical Supply Company

Laminar Air Flow Cabinets are specialised enclosures designed to deliver a contaminant free work area by blowing filtered air with uniform velocity and direction across a work surface. A wide range of laboratories including medical, pharmaceutical, environmental and biotechnological labs utilise such cabinets to maintain a sterile and particulate-free area while preforming sensitive experiments.  SmartFAST are […]

Introducing Sebia Hydrashift Isatuximab assay

Sebia Hydrashift Isatuximab assay | Medical Supply Company

In Europe 40,000 new cases of Multiple Myeloma (MM) are detected each year making it the second most common blood cancer (1). It is well known that the newer treatments for MM that use humanized monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) can interfere with the patient’s native antibodies in immunofixation tests. This can mislead the pathologist in interpreting […]