PathoFinder offers a new generation of comprehensive molecular diagnostics for syndromic infectious disease panels. Their state-of-the-art multiplex PCR technologies enable a rapid detection and identification of multiple human pathogens in clinical specimens. PathoFinder products are based on proprietary SmartFinder® and MultiFinder® multiplex PCR-technologies or on Real Time PCR. With PathoFinder’s multiplex PCR products, up to 22 pathogens can be readily identified in a single, easy to perform multiplex PCR assay. Our RealAccurate® products include mono- duplex and quadruplex Real Time PCR assays.


AB ANALITICAs RealQuality range of real-time PCR kits are CE-IVD certified and specialise in quantitative and qualitative detection of infectious diseases, human papillomavirus (HPV), thrombophilia, hemochromatosis (HFE) and oncohaematological disorders. All kits are designed with universal cycling parameters and validated for use on the most common automated extraction and real-time instrumentation. Each kit is supplied with internal and positive controls and incorporate the dUTP/UNG system for contamination prevention.

GeneticSignatures - Medical Supply Company


Genetic Signatures provide fully automated and adaptable solutions for screening of Respiratory and Enteric Pathogens. The EasyScreen™ Detection Kit range incorporates patented 3base technology, offering highly efficient and specific multiplexed assays for real-time PCR. The EasyScreen kits are designed for use with the Genetic Signatures automated GS1 platform but are also compatible with all major automated extraction and real-time systems and can be used in a 96-well or 384-well format.

RBCBioscience | Medical Supply Company


The MagCore range of nucleic acid extraction systems from RBC Bioscience are fully automated CE-IVD instruments with a wide range of extraction kits for DNA and RNA applications. Each MagCore extraction system incorporates patented magnetic bead technology and is specifically designed to accommodate a flexible workflow for either 8, 16 or 48 samples. Each instrument  contains built-in protocols, an on-board UV light and medical grade barcode scanner for full sample traceability.

Bioline - Medical Supply Company


Bioline develop and manufacture a portfolio of more than 300 reagents and kits for molecular biology and nucleic acid purification. The core competencies and principal areas of encompass real-time PCR kits, DNA polymerases, reverse transcription reagents and nucleic acid isolations.

Takara - Medical Supply Company


Takara  next-generation sequencing (NGS) kits are the industry standard for sensitive and reproducible single-cell and ultra-low analysis. The proprietary SMART technology is ideal for many NGS applications including total RNA-seq and low-input ChIP DNA sequencing. Takara Clontech NGS products are suitable for use with Illumina and Ion Torrent sequencing platforms.

GenDx - Medical Supply Company


For over a decade GenDx have been developing and providing the tools needed for HLA typing, including reagents, analysis software, services, and education. GenDx is a pioneer in Sequencing-Based Typing, providing platforms for both Sanger and Next Generation Sequencing. In addition, GenDx excellent support and training for both experienced HLA typers and new users.

MDNA LIfe Sciences


MDNA LIfe Sciences a pioneer in the science of mitochondrial DNA. Their company mission is to put an end to unnecessary surgical procedures with their extensive range of tests that can significantly improve diagnosis, treatment, prognosis and monitoring.

Esco - Medical Supply Company


The Esco® PCR Vertical Laminar Flow Cabinet has been designed specifically for polymerase chain reaction (PCR) applications and features ISO Class 4 product protection within the work zone. These cabinets operate effectively as “mini-environments” in the laboratory to isolate critical steps in the PCR process and protect the product from contamination present in the ambient environment.

BioPointeLabplast - Medical Supply Company


BioPointe Scientific Total Defense tips have a self-sealing filter which seals on contact to eliminate any threat of sample contamination. They provide the utmost confidence when pipetting with critical applications. The Total Defense range are also developed with the Biopointe low-binding technology; this creates an ultra-hydrophobic surface, preventing liquid retention and ensuring maximum sample retrieval.

Ecoli - Medical Supply Company


Ecoli PCR Diagnostics Ltd. provides more than 350 different types of AmpliSens® PCR diagnostics kits for clinical diagnostics and human genome testing. The AmpliSens® range of clinical kits include qualitative and quantitative assays for sexually transmitted infections (STIs), TORCH infections, respiratory, neurological and intestinal infections,  infectious viral diseases and screening assays for antibiotic resistance genes. All AmpliSens® kits have very high sensitivity and specificity and are suitable for use with all plate type real-time PCR instruments.


The Techne Prime Pro range of real-time PCR assays offer over 400 DNA/RNA detection kits for food and water testing, veterinary and agriculture, as well as allergen and biothreat applications. All kits are suitable for use with any real-time instrument with FAM/VIC detection and are supplied with all the relevant experimental controls.

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