Pharmaceutical and Industry

The Pharma, Food and Industry division serves customers including pharmaceuticals, diagnostics, veterinary, medical devices, food and beverage, dairy, cosmetics and contract testing laboratories. We offer a wide range of reagents, equipment and services to meet the needs of customers working in regulated industries…

Alliance Bio Expertise

Alliance BioExpertise (ABE) offer the Airwel air sampler for all your environmental air testing requirements. This unit offers an exclusive in-situ air flow calibration check system for the user. For labs preparing media, Alliance BioExpertise (ABE) offer the Mediawel 10L for smaller labs and the Mediawel 30L for larger media requirements. The Distriwel automated plate pourer / stacker enables full automation of the media preparation process. The Dosywel peristaltic pump offers fast and accurate liquid handling solutions.

Faster Srl

Faster srl offer a comprehensive range of clean air solutions for your microbiology laboratory including biological safety cabinets (BSCs), laminar air flow (LAF) – horizontal and vertical, and PCR cabinets. The flagship SafeFAST Premium Class II A2 BSC offers the lowest noise and lowest energy consumption on the market. Installation, validation, commissioning and servicing are offered by our dedicated clean air team at Isolation Technology.


Microbiologics offer fully traceable quality control strains in both quantitative and qualitative formats for growth promotion, disinfectant qualification, sterility testing and more. These strains are derived from ATCC cultures and comply with United States (USP), European (Ph. Eur) and Japanese (JP) Pharmacopeia standards. EZ-Accu Shot, EZ-CFU and EZ-CFU One Step kits provide inoculations of 10-100 cfu, ideal for growth promotion testing. QC panels are available for instruments like the Bruker MALDI Biotyper and BIOLOG microbial ID system. Microbiologics also offer custom services to identify, store and deliver your environmental isolates in an easy-to-use format.


COPAN’s Swab-Rinse kit (SRK®) range for the pharmaceutical industry are designed for microbiological monitoring of surfaces in cleanrooms, isolators and production areas. These flocked swabs come pre-moistened to optimise sample uptake and can be supplied with solutions such as TSB. SRK® Pharma kits are gamma irradiated and triple wrapped in VHP-resistant pouches for use in isolators and cleanrooms.


Cyclone™ is a fully automated system specifically designed for microbiological quality control performed through pour-plate technique. Cyclone™ pours molten media into Petri dishes, dispenses samples through an automated liquid handler and homogenizes by mixing. Ideal for Food and Beverage, Cosmetics, Dairy and Pharma laboratories.

Baker Ruskinn

Baker Ruskinn BugBox anaerobic chambers are designed specifically to help microbiologists cope with rising workloads and provide the best primary isolation rates. Our workstations include a host of innovative features that provide affordable and convenient solutions for microbiological applications.

MMM Group

MMM manufacture high-tech systems for incubation – both heating and cooling, humidity and light control – intended for use in research, development, production, or quality control. The product range includes natural or forced air convection incubators, cooled incubators, ovens, sterilisers and climatic chambers which meets the requirements of reproducibility and accuracy of temperature distribution and other parameters derived from quality standards ISO9000 and ISO17025.


Synbiosis offer a range of automated colony counters and inhibition zone measurement systems ideal for pharmaceutical laboratories. The ProtoCOL 3 is a fast and accurate colony counting and zone measurement system that offers CFR 21 part 11 compliance with user access levels and full audit trail. Data can be exported to Excel, Open Office,

PDF or your LIMS. The Procscan can analyse larger plates up to 300 x 300 mm. For labs that want to fully automate their colony counting, the AutoCOL is a walk-away system capable of reading 100 plates in less than 1 hour.

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