New Supplier Announcement : NimaGen

NimaGen | Medical Supply Company

We are delighted to announce our newest partnership with NimaGen, a Dutch company specialising in the development and supply of innovative products and solutions for molecular biology, particularly in the fields of genomics and DNA analysis.

Their portfolio consists of quality products, covering three synergetic product lines aimed at supporting both traditional and novel DNA sequencing workflows, including Sanger Sequencing, Next-Generation sequencing and nucleic acid extraction and clean up.

Their patented reverse complement PCR (RC-PCR) permits simultaneous multiplex amplification, adapter ligation and indexing in a single closed tube reaction during library preparation for next generation sequencing. Their EasySeqTM kits include sequencing kits for cancer associated genes as well as microbiological and infectious diseases.

Additionally, they supply a full breadth of proven high-quality and cost-effective drop-in replacement reagents and consumables for performing Sanger Sequencing on 3130, 3500/SeqStudio™ Flex and 3730 Series Genetic Analyzers, from PCR purification to dye terminator reaction cleanup and running samples, to safeguarding capillary operational life span.

If you’re a researcher in the Academic, Diagnostic, or Forensic field, currently using or looking to explore next generation sequencing or sanger sequencing please get in touch below or call +353 1 822 4222 at your earliest convenience to ensure you experience no disruption in supply going forward.

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