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Copan Integrated Symposium at ECCMID

Copan Integrated Symposium at ECCMID | Medical Supply Company

The European Society of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases meeting is a hub of new research findings and innovation in the field of microbiology. Considered one of the most noteworthy congresses in the industry, the ECCMID scientific programme is a synthesis of current priorities in clinical microbiology and infection: diagnosis, treatment, epidemiology and prevention of […]

Copan’s fresh new look for their 40TH anniversary

Copan's rebrand for 40th Anniversary

We at MSC would like to extend our congratulations and join our valued partners Copan in celebrating their 40th anniversary! Copan has become the global leader in the field of pre-analytics by dedicating itself to providing the highest quality collection and transport systems. To coincide with their 40th anniversary Copan are also extremely excited to […]

Swab Rinse Kit (SRK) – Standardising Environmental Monitoring Programmes

SWAB Rince Kit SRK, srk™ swab system, cleaning validation and environmental monitoring, validation and environmental monitoring | Medical Supply Company

If there’s one thing that has been reinforced by the pandemic it has been the importance of good cleaning practices and sanitation in order to keep those around us safe. Environmental monitoring has long been an essential aspect of the biopharmaceutical and food safety industry as well as clinical settings for this exact reason, yet […]

FecalSwab® – A successful diagnostic test begins at sampling!

FecalSwab® - A successful diagnostic test begins at sampling | Medical Supply Company

The cause of infectious diarrhoea is rarely determined on the basis of clinical presentation alone. Microbiological confirmation is typically required to provide important information for treatment. Accurate pathogen detection relies heavily on the quality of the sampling method, storage, and transportation to the testing site. Stool sample collection has long been the standard method of choice for […]

Webinar – The Italian experience in the management of COVID-19 Pandemic

Management of COVID-19, vittorio sambri | Medical Supply Company

Our partner Copan who is the world-leading manufacturer of collection and transport systems have organised an event discussing – The Italian experience in the management of COVID-19 Pandemic with key speaker Prof. Vittorio Sambri from the University of Bologna. Prof. Vittorio Sambri is an associate Professor and Head of the Unit of Microbiology in the […]

COVID-19 Communication

COVID-19 Communication | Medical Supply Company

Medical Supply Company Ltd. is continuing to monitor the developments surrounding the outbreak of Coronavirus both in Ireland and in the affected regions relevant to our supply chain. At present, our supply chain from Europe and the U.S. remains largely unaffected.  This could be subject to change, but we will continue to keep you updated. […]

Copan increases production of UTM COVID-19 sample collection kits

COVID-19 sample collection kits, coronavirus sample colleciton kits, COPAN UTM, COVID-19 sample collection kits, viral transport medium for coronavirus, covid-19 | Medical Supply Company

With the increasing demand for sample collection kits for diagnosing COVID-19 and other upper respiratory tract pathogens, COPAN is concentrating its efforts on strategic items to maximise product output and supply during the ongoing surge in demand due to the novel coronavirus outbreak. While COPAN has a variety of preassembled kits, during this high demand […]

SRK® – the solution for sampling difficult surfaces in the food industry

SRK® - the solution for sampling difficult surfaces in the food industry | Medical Supply Company

SRK® sampling solution is ideal for microbial sampling, cleaning validation, environmental monitoring and in food manufacturing plants. The Swab Rinse Kit (SRK) range meets all the requirements of ISO 18593:2018. The SRK rinse solution kits can be used to sample food products, as well as floors and surfaces in production areas. The SRK swabs come […]

How to use Copan’s FecalSwab® for stool collection

FecalSwab® for stool sample collection Quick Guide | Medical Supply Company

COLLECT Collect a small amount of sample by rotating swab tip to cover it with faeces. Avoid touching the swab applicator below the pink moulded breakpoint. Sample can also be obtained by taking a rectal swab (refer to package insert and institution standard operation procedures for instructions). SNAP Remove cap from the tube and insert […]

Swabs Rule Over Stool: 99 Percent Versus 76 percent of Patients Could Provide Sample

Swabs Rule Over Stool, rectal swabs | Medical Supply Com[pany

A recent study “Enteropathogen Detection in Children with Diarrhoea, or Vomiting, or Both, Comparing Rectal Flocked Swabs with Stool Specimens: an Outpatient Cohort Study,” published  in The Lancet Gastroenterology & Hepatology on July 13, 2017, found that not only are COPAN’s rectal swabs a much more convenient tool for collecting paediatric faecal samples, but they actually increased the overall […]