Swab Rinse Kit (SRK) – Standardising Environmental Monitoring Programmes

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If there’s one thing that has been reinforced by the pandemic it has been the importance of good cleaning practices and sanitation in order to keep those around us safe. Environmental monitoring has long been an essential aspect of the biopharmaceutical and food safety industry as well as clinical settings for this exact reason, yet the process is still to be standardized.  

Once inside, pathogens are either temporary visitors that are removed using cleaning and disinfection methods, or they can persist in awkward to reach areas such as gaps in flooring, drains and equipment. This is why the establishment of an environmental monitoring program (EMP) is crucial, in order to verify sources of contamination and adequacy of sanitation processes. Over all, EMPs provide the assurance that products are being manufactured and patients are being cared for in safe, sanitary environments.

Our partners Copan provide an accurate and efficient product for microbial sampling, cleaning validation and environmental monitoring for pharma, food and clinical settings through their Swab Rinse Kit (SRK) range.

Templates provided with SRK kits enable users to standardize cleaning validation and environmental monitoring processes by defining sample size and therefore providing accurate and reproducible results of CFU per cm².

Easy to Use

  • Swabs are pre-moistened with saline solution, improving uptake of sample.
  • Sampling uneven, irregular surfaces or equipment is easy with the SRK™ swab system.
  • Packaged in convenient transportable tubes with attachable lids.
  • Samples can be refrigerated in tubes up to 24 hours before laboratory analysis.

Wide Selection of Products

  • Buffered Peptone Water – pre-enrichment for food specimens
  • Tryptic Soy Broth – selective nutrient broth.
  • Letheen Broth – neutralises surface disinfectants.
  •  Butterfield’s Solution – common microbiological diluent.
  • COPAN’s SRK™ Solution – neutralises antimicrobial agents.
  • Different fill volumes and various swab lengths to suit wide range of applications.

The SRK™ swab system delivers a cost-effective and convenient pre-analytical solution for enhancing environmental monitoring programs and improving laboratory workflow efficiency.

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