HbA1c: The Hidden Factors – Biological Interferences

HbA1c: The Hidden Factors - Biological Interferences | Medical Supply Company

There are many factors which can affect a patients HbA1c value which can lead to clinically misleading results. Sebia are hosting a webinar to identify and explain these variations and how they should be managed.

Join us on Tuesday 15th June along with speakers: David B. Sacks, Senior Investigator and Chief at NIH, Chairman of the NGSP Steering Committee; and John Higgins, Associate Professor at Harvard Medical School and Associate Pathologist at Massachusetts General Hospital.  

The learning objectives of this talk will be:

  • Identify components contributing to glycation rate of Hb to form Hb A1c
  • Discuss which conditions can cause an artificial decrease/reduction in the levels of circulating Hb A1c
  • Review which conditions should prevent the use of HbA1c for monitoring/diagnosing diabetic patients
  • Identify methods that indicate the presence of clinically significant hemoglobinopathies and/or thalassemia’s

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