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Automate your viral plaque quantification with ProtoCOL 3

Automate your viral plaque quantification with ProtoCOL 3, automated colony counter, protocol 3, using a automated colony, Infectious Virus Quantification | Medical Supply Company

The speed with which SARS-CoV-2 spread across the globe has forced scientists to accelerate every step in the study of the virus. One of the areas where time savings can be made is in the quantification of infectious virus particles. Infectious Virus Quantification The quantification of viral RNA in clinical samples is an important tool […]

New Microbiology Essentials Brochure

Microbiology Essentials | Medical Supply Company

MSC are proud to announce the release of our NEW Microbiology Essentials brochure. Inside the brochure you will find information on our range of microbiology equipment and consumables that have been handpicked with busy labs in mind. Whether you work in food or environmental microbiology, pharmaceutical or cosmetic quality control or microbiology research, MSC have […]