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Swab Rinse Kit (SRK™) – tailor-made devices for environmental sampling

Importance of environmental monitoring While hand hygiene and manual cleaning remain the ‘gold standards’ in [...]

Objectional Organisms and costly product recalls

Objectional organisms are the main contributor for recalls. Pharmaceutical microbiologists have the great responsibility of [...]

Protos 3 Automated Colony Counter and Chromogenic ID System

Increased throughput, reproducibility and traceability for food, environmental & research labs Counting bacterial colonies is [...]

The importance of monitoring environmental isolates

Tracking and trending environmental isolates is a growing concern for pharmaceutical companies, since objectionable organisms [...]

Manual vs Automated Colony Counting

Accurately counting the number of colony-forming units (CFU) on an agar plate forms the basis [...]

2019 Updates to Microbiology Testing Standards

Staying up to date with the most current microbiology testing standards is a constant requirement [...]

ProtoCOL 3 Automated Colony Counter – Fast, Accurate, Reproducible

As all microbiologists know, counting bacterial colonies manually can be a monotonous and eye-straining task. [...]

Ready-to-use ‘Starved Cells’ for GPT of R2A agar

If your lab is following the Japanese Pharmacopoeia (JP), you will be familiar with the [...]

Active Air Samplers: Why you need one in your lab

Active air samplers: Why you need one in your lab Increasing regulation around environmental monitoring [...]

Should you test for Burkholderia cepacia?

Why you should care about Burkholderia cepacia A recent article from Charles River “Why You [...]

MSC & Copan Pharmig 2017

MSC attending Pharmig 2017 in Dublin today with our partners Copan. Promoting the SRK range [...]