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How to use Copan’s FecalSwab® for stool collection

COLLECT Collect a small amount of sample by rotating swab tip to cover it with [...]

Swabs Rule Over Stool: 99 Percent Versus 76 percent of Patients Could Provide Sample

A recent study “Enteropathogen Detection in Children with Diarrhoea, or Vomiting, or Both, Comparing Rectal Flocked [...]


MSC and Copan were delighted to sponsor Nuala Kealy from Tallaght University Hospital Microbiology Department [...]

Copan Workshop – ECCMID 2019

The Synthesis Copan’s role in Microbiology Where : Amsterdam When: 15th April 2019 This years [...]

FecalSwab™ first Cary-Blair collection gets certification

We are delighted to be able to say that we partner with Copan who have [...]