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Microplate washing – super-charge your throughput!

Zoom HT with Dispense Module | Medical Supply Company

Are you a manufacturer of ELISA kits or microplate-based assays? Do you carry out high-throughput microplate assays that require several washing steps? Incorporating a microplate washer into your laboratory can increase the speed and accuracy of your experiments while reducing the number of tedious manual steps required. Microplate washers come in a range of formats, […]

Introducing the new smaller and compact Mediawel 10 L

Introducing the new smaller and compact Mediawel 10 L | Medical Supply Company

Does your lab prepare smaller volumes of  dehydrated media? Do you need quick turnaround preparation times of media whilst ensuring the health and safety of you staff? The Mediawel 10L will ensure maximum sterility is achieved while minimising the damage to the nutrient components of the media. Media volumes from 1-10L can be prepared in 45-75 minutes. […]

NEW – The Polywel Automated Tube/Bottle Filler

Polywel Robotic Module | Medical Supply Company

Is your lab dispensing large volumes of liquid media into tubes? Do you need to automate the workload, increase speed and accuracy? Do you want your staff to use their time more efficiently? The Polywel allows versatility, accuracy and speed with these everyday tasks. The Polywel Robotic Module is designed to automate the filling of […]