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We are delighted to expand our automated diagnostic equipment offering with the addition of the MAST URI®SYSTEM. The URI®SYSTEM is an innovative, rapid and streamlined, semi-automated laboratory solution for the microbiological analysis of urine samples, to aid the diagnosis of urinary tract infections. In comparison to traditional bacterial culture-based methodologies, the Uri System offers higher throughputs, simplified processing, and rapid turnaround times while significantly reducing costs and waste.

The MAST URI®SYSTEM encompasses:

  • Mast Uri Plus automated plate reader and sample analyser.
  • Mast Uri Well dispensing aid with 96 LED template for sample transfer.
  • Mast Uri Dot multiple sample inoculator.
  • Mast Uri Plates: 96-well plate format prepoured media plates for bacterial I.D and AST.
  • Mast Uri Locate: unique chromogenic/fluorogenic reagent to ensure accurate and consistent inoculation and reading of plates.

The application of EUCAST defined breakpoints and expert rules permit accurate bacterial identification and antibiotic susceptibility results assisting the reliable reporting of intrinsic resistances and exceptional phenotypes.

Mast Group Ltd. has focused on adding products to the URI®SYSTEM in order to help combat the ever-growing issue of antibiotic resistance. One such solution is MAST URI® plate MPM-CRE which are plates used for the detection of carbapenemase-producing-Enterobacteriaceae. Carbapenemases are clinically significant as they hydrolyse carbapenems and most other b-lactam antibiotics, significantly limiting treatment options in critically ill patients, therefore rapid detection is crucial for providing patients with effective treatment. MPM-CRE plates can be implemented easily into any MAST URI®SYSTEM testing schedule.

The URI®SYSTEM is an efficient, effective and essential solution for any laboratory that would like to automate the analysis of urine samples.


  • Inoculate 96 urines <15 mins
  • Read and report 96 urines in ~30 mins
  • Report >95% urine samples with 24hrs
  • 96 well microtitre format reduces incubator space requirements


  • Delivers Identification and AST results
  • Report mixed cultures
  • Early detection of possible ESBL or CRE-producing organisms
  • Image analysis and software ensure consistent, high-quality results


  • Wide range of EUCAST compliant MAST URI®PLATES
  • Enables staff to be reallocated for higher value tasks.
  • Future proofs the laboratory for increased workloads.

If your laboratory would like to harness the benefits of automation and free up valuable staff time or simply discuss the URI®SYSTEM in more detail, please get in touch with one of our product specialists below.

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