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When handling highly toxic agents during the production of precision medicines, such as chemotherapy, it is crucial that the highest standards are met in order to ensure the safety of workers and the quality of the pharmaceutical products. For such applications, a cytotoxic isolator can protect both the operator and the surrounding environment from exposure to toxic active agents. The GloveFAST Cyto Pharma range manufactured by our partner Faster S.r.l meet the needs and standards required for safe aseptic compounding. Here’s how they achieve it:

Containment and Isolation: GloveFAST Cyto Pharma isolatorss are designed to provide a sealed and controlled environment. They prevent the escape of potent substances into the surrounding atmosphere, minimising the risk of exposure to personnel and maintaining a clean workspace.

Operator Protection: Faster’s isolators incorporate high-performance filtration systems and advanced glove technologies to protect operators from exposure to hazardous materials. This is crucial when working with HPAPIs (high potency active pharmaceutical ingredients), as even trace amounts can be harmful.

Ease of Operation: These systems are designed to be user-friendly and with ergonomic in mind, allowing operators to perform tasks with precision and efficiency. This is essential in pharmaceutical manufacturing, where accuracy and repeatability are paramount.

Regulatory Compliance: Using specialised equipment ensures compliance with stringent regulatory requirements. The GloveFAST Cyto Pharma units are one of very few isolators on the market that have received TUV certification, meeting international standards such as ISO 14644-1, ISO 14644-7, and ISO 10648-2.

The GloveFAST Cyto Pharma range consists of negative pressure isolators – 2 and 4 glove options. Ambient air is drawn in through an H14 HEPA filter located on top of the transfer chambers and forced into the working area of the transfer chambers. The air is then drawn through the main blower and a second HEPA filter. The compressed air is forced into the plenum, passed over the vertical flow HEPA filter and directed as a laminar flow into the main chamber, protecting the product being handled in the working area. From here, the air is drawn through the perforations in the work surface into the main H14 HEPA filter below the work surface and directed through the exhaust duct located on the rear wall. A portion of the air is discharged through the H14 exhaust HEPA filter. This process creates the negative pressure conditions in the work area, protecting the operator and the environment.

GloveFAST Cyto Pharma specifications

  • 2 glove and 4 glove option.
  • Work surface & sliding trays: 316L stainless steel.
  • Unidirectional laminar air flow.
  • Unmatched noise level >65 (dB).
  • Interlocked inner & outer hatch doors.
  • ECS® system; improved energy efficiency
Model TypeGloveFAST Cyto Pharma 4ftGloveFAST Cyto Pharma 5ftGloveFAST Cyto Pharma 6ft
Overall Dimensions (W×H×D, mm)2510 × 2450 × 8682815 × 2450 × 8683120 × 2450 × 868
Useful Dimensions (W×H×D, mm)1192 × 740 × 5801497 × 740 × 5801802 × 740 × 580

Faster S.r.l offer standard or bespoke isolators in order to meet the specific requirements of each individual client. Please get in touch with a product specialist below if you’d like further information on the GloveFAST range or to discuss how Medical Supply Company can help design a solution based on your individual requirements.

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